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    8 Innovative Advertisements That Will Completely Change Your Perception Of Society

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    The century that runs with a flickering of light also compliments with some innovations to vouch for your life. Within the regular bustles, it is imperative to get sorted fast and easy. Thus, a constant boost can always help you to participate in a better role. Advertisements being an eminent representation of the era, has come up with some innovative thoughts recently.

    1. Ariel

    Washing powders have always had a concentration on how well they could represent cleaning clothes. But, the Ariel advertisements have somehow shown how the men can share some time with the multitasking homemakers.

    2. Dabur Vatica

    Some people need a boost in life to come out of the disorder they are surviving with. Helping a cancer patient to overcome their falling beauty is impressing. Vatika Brave and beauty was quite a discussed advertisement for its unconventionality.

    3. Samsung India Service

    Working with humane concern was the key notice of the Samsung ‘Beh Chala’ adds. The customer service boy from Samsung crosses the rough and quite distracting roads to reach a blind hostel and realizes that inner satisfaction and humane goodness is something that can change lives.

    4. Red Label

    The advertisement for Red Label tea is a warm story about how a middle aged man and his wife is waiting after being locked out of their own flat. However, it also points strongly towards religious discrimination and has a great message for its audience.

    5. Amazon

    The advertisement for the great variety of products available on the Amazon website also incorporates the life of a young, loving couple and the compromises which they have to make for each other in their relationship in a very sweet manner.

    6. Samrat Atta TVC

    The advertisement for Samrat Atta TVC resolves the different issues related to background and social class over good food and sends out a strong and relevant message.

    7. Visa

    The advertisement for Visa cards shows an old professor acquiring life lessons from his young student. It is a heartwarming advertisement which encourages people to be kind and compassionate.

    8. Hero

    The advertisement for Hero is a salutation for all the different heroes in the various fields, who work towards the protection of their countrymen. It is a patriotic and memorable advertisement that never fails to inspire the audience.

    Motivating The People

    Thus with all these emphasizing and inspiring visions, there are definitely some changes in the life of the common men and women. Such ads reach out to those who are looking for some kind of an inspiration in their life.

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    9 Hilarious Text Autocorrects To Make You Roll On The Floor Laughing (Open list) (9 submissions)

    Text autocorrects are sometimes unmitigated disasters, especially if you send the text accidentally to someone of your professional circle or your parents. But even though they are awkward for the sender they are incredibly funny to those who are reading them. In short, they are entertaining, and some of them definitely deserve mention here.

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    3 Pickup Lines And 6 Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Woo On The First Date (Open list) (0 submissions)

    Lady with Blanket

    It can be tough to impress someone on a date and hence, at times everyone needs a little help. A wrong move, a wrong word or even the wrong attitude can ruin the entire thing for you.

    Don’t Use Double Meaning Lines

    Double Meaning

    Lines like ‘I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me instead?’ can give her a wrong signal and may end your date even before it has started! So make it a point to stay away from such cheesy lines.

    Don’t Tell Her You Are Checking Her Out

    Starring Person

    Try not to use lines like, it’s great that you have a library card because you are checking her out.

    Don’t Ask Her to Make You a Blanket

    Lady with Blanket

    You should never tell the girl that she looks cold and she could use you as a blanket. There are various ways in which you can complement her, this is not one of them!

    Don’t Crack Your Knuckles Constantly

    Crack Knuckles

    Along with pickup lines weird habits can cause trouble too in your first date! Cracking knuckles can make a very irritating sound when you are out on a date with someone for the very first time.

    Never Try Picking Your Body

    Nose Picking

    Well this one can seem to be filthy for the other person.

    Stop Apologizing Always


    Always apologising to someone is a very annoying habit and can become tiresome after a point.

    Interrupting Someone Is Rude

    Stop Interrupting

    Interrupting someone is coarse and there is no polite way of doing it. So this is a habit you should get rid of completely.

    Swearing Is Also Considered To Be Rude

    It is a habit that you should have ideally avoided on the very first date. Swearing a little is considered to be fine in life but not on your first date with a person.

    Looking At The Phone Diverts Attention

    Phone Distraction

    Watching the phone and fidgeting constantly can make it seem like you are uninterested in the other person. It can send out pretty bad signals.

    Most of these bad habits should be avoided to make a good and lasting first impression on the other person on a first date. It is better to remember that a lasting impression made on the very first date goes a long way for great results in the future. Hence, it is essential to make the most out of the situation.

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    5 Motivational Books To Carry If You Are Going Through A Rough Patch

    5 Motivational Books To Carry If You Are Going Through A Rough Patch

    Some motivational quotes say that approaching life in a positive manner can actually help you. Reading books is one such activity that can help you immensely with a certain note to move you forward. A few hours with a nice motivational book in your hand and you can forget all your worries or recapitulate your past life with a boost.

    Now, there is a precision about the selection of books. The wrong one will make you even more depressed and bored. So you must consider your present set of mind before picking any of these reads!

    The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger1. The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

    A Rescuer to depression. This book could be finalized by any person suffering from PSTD. With a rapid increase in life satiety, depression and stress is something that can pull you down. This book works like a miracle!



    Full Catastrophe Living Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness2. Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness by John Kabat-Zinn

    A name that can give you a complete understanding of what you want. This one is a messenger of peace, solemnity and an urge to calm you down. Every page is filled with inspirational words that will drive you to fight and raise above all your issues.

    Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald3. Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Just the thing you need when you are alone at home with a heavy heart! A complete emergence of understanding; this book helps you to recover from the fact that people do change. It will make you realize that no one is more important than you and there is absolutely no point in carrying on a negative relationship even if you care for the person.


    Book - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    The strong positivity of the book is all you need when you are down with your moral. Confidence, attitude and self-preference were never about the age you lived. It is about the person you are!Impression through quality is enough to lead you in life through all the odds.


    Book - The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron5. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

    Depression, stress or somewhat similar distressing aspects of life can never be the reason to stop loving yourself and enjoying your life. Hence it is mandatory to read a book like this one to complete the emptiness of your life and give yourself a much-needed boost of energy and positivity.



    Reading books will not only frame your life with admiration but will also help you to achieve perfection while dealing with the tough and unpleasant moments of life. So next time you are alone at home curl up on the sofa with any of these gems! Completeness and positive energy are bound to set in by the time you complete it.
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    5 Best Movies You Have Missed In 2017 and Why You Should Catch Up

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    This year there are countless movies which are yet to be released on the cinema screens nearby. However, 2017 has also introduced some excellent movies which should not be missed at any cost.

    Beauty and the Beast

    This is an adaptation of the well-known fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. However, the special effects for this film combined with Emma Watson’s highly commendable acting make it a must watch for audiences of all age groups. It can be a journey down the lane of nostalgia for most adults and be an epic experience for most kids who have only read about it only in their bed time stories.


    Kong: Skull Island

    This is a film that is a part of the King Kong franchise. Much like all the other King Kong films, this one is also dynamic and packed with action and adventure sequences. The excellent visual effects add to the appeal of the film. So if you are looking for adrenaline pumping visuals and a cool story line then this one is a must watch.



    This is the last film of the Wolverine series directed by Hugh Jackman. It is a very brutal movie centering on Logan and a young mutant who is being pursued by the dark forces. It is considered to be one of the best superhero films till date and hence is perfect for both Wolverine fans and non-fans.


    John Wick: Chapter 2

    This is a film for the fans of the John Wick franchisee. It has been made in the style of the neo-noir. It has a number of very good performances by renowned actors and actresses such as Ruby Rose and is a must watch for all movie buffs.


    Lego Batman

    Lego Batman is a unique release in the movie circuit and is one of the funniest, most hectic films since the liberation of the Lego Movie. It is a spoof of a superhero film and can be easily enjoyed by an audience of all age group.


    These are some of the best movies that this year has been able to produce so far. So if you were busy with work so long, this is the time to catch up and plan a movie night with your friends!


    Do you have other suggestion, please comment down below.

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    Traditional Indian Food with Unaccepted Creativity

    Traditional Indian Food with Unaccepted Creativity

    Few days back, I had been to a religious get together, where I found a South Indian Chat. Well, being a South Indian, it was as horrible like life time imprisonment for me. It felt insult of our most prestigious ‘Idli’ Ji :)! It made with ingredients which would only suit in “Pani Puri” or “Bhel Puri”.

    How would one feel if Paani Puri served with Sambar instead of Pani (water) in it???

    Funny? Odd? Right?

    The same reaction was mine, when I tasted Idli without its habitual taste. I believe that some stuffs would definitely taste good with senseful creativity. But that must have its traditional taste.

    Traditional taste is the base thing on which we could experiment our creativity. But we should not destroy the quality of the base dish for which it is know for. Some of the dishes might have spiritual value too. So changing/mixing the taste, would not appreciate by strict followers of the religion.

    Well, I am not against being creative anyway. But the originality is what we should give more respect. That’s the value we live through from years and it must not be ruined.

    I have seen many food cards (menus) of restaurant, where they serve customized food. In more polished words, I would say combination of one tradition’s food with others. We could name like Schezwan Idli, Schezwan Dosa, Idli Chat, etc.

    I like some of the combination from above mentioned dishes. But the thing is to say that creativity is not to change something completely. But to maintain the base thing and add-on to it to make it more popular/valuable.

    We should have #ethics to maintain the actual #taste and #feel of the #food, of the #tradition. Click To Tweet

    It is all personal interest of everyone and I am not forcing anyone. But if our ancestors have made some norms in name of tradition that must have something positive. One must at least think on it before changing it. They maybe not right according to us, but definitely that does not mean, they are wrong!

    I wish if by reading this article at least some respect would return to our honorable Mr. IDLI.

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    My Idea App – Apna Kaam Apne App

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    Recent days in India, Idea Cellular is running its advertisement campaign based on the one-liner – “Apna Kaam Apne App“. Well! I would say that the campaign is running quiet smooth till now. The only reason is the good amount spent on the effective video production, the jingle and frequency to throw the same to TV viewers.

    Furthermore, YouTube like video streaming services has already started throwing advertises to their users. So now any media is good for the promotion. We have vast media available for ad campaign today.

    But I personally felt the concept is quiet out of the line. Here I mean to say that we already have many mobile apps available for online mobile recharges. We could consider Paytm, MobiKwik and FreeCharge in the same category. But the commercial constantly emphasizing on the online recharge by own app, which is available for Idea users.

    Not a single time in any commercial they tried to show that a user can even track the usage of internet pack as well or other available features too.

    In my personal opinion, giving more importance to the same “online recharging concept” is not going to worth because of already available alternatives. I already mentioned them above with which people are already used to.

    So one advice to the advertisement agency and decision makers come out with something new and real. Today developing app is not a big deal. And why to invest on something which is already available in the market with better features!

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    2 Minutes with Sean Who Doesn’t Speak! Really?

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    We are lucky to born as a normal but there are many more luckier than us born with special power that we normal people infect cannot think of to do.

    I came to this video while one of my Facebook friend shared it. And thanks to him to let me know about Sean Stepherson – A Three Foot Giant. He is really expressive and spreading positive vibes everyday to the world.

    Sean, I would really like to thank you for your efforts and encouraging people.

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    Mini Bruce Lee – Practice Makes A Kid Perfect

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    Recently I came across a viral video which is really inspiring. A little kid know as “Mini Bruce Lee” doing karate trick using nunchuk ditto to Bruce Lee. He is becoming popular day-by-day.

    But this video forced me to think. Think positively!

    In a video, you could see how a little boy is imitating Bruce Lee efficiently. The movie scene running behind of him with sound but he doesn’t even try to look at it.

    Imitating the legend Bruce Lee is not an easy job. It require good time to practice and the video really proves that not only men but – “Practice Makes a Kid Perfect“!



    Enjoy the video of Mini Bruce Lee