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Recent days in India, Idea Cellular is running its advertisement campaign based on the one-liner – “Apna Kaam Apne App“. Well! I would say that the campaign is running quiet smooth till now. The only reason is the good amount spent on the effective video production, the jingle and frequency to throw the same to TV viewers.

Furthermore, YouTube like video streaming services has already started throwing advertises to their users. So now any media is good for the promotion. We have vast media available for ad campaign today.

But I personally felt the concept is quiet out of the line. Here I mean to say that we already have many mobile apps available for online mobile recharges. We could consider Paytm, MobiKwik and FreeCharge in the same category. But the commercial constantly emphasizing on the online recharge by own app, which is available for Idea users.

Not a single time in any commercial they tried to show that a user can even track the usage of internet pack as well or other available features too.

In my personal opinion, giving more importance to the same “online recharging concept” is not going to worth because of already available alternatives. I already mentioned them above with which people are already used to.

So one advice to the advertisement agency and decision makers come out with something new and real. Today developing app is not a big deal. And why to invest on something which is already available in the market with better features!

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