Traditional Indian Food with Unaccepted Creativity

Traditional Indian Food with Unaccepted Creativity
Traditional Indian Food with Unaccepted Creativity

Few days back, I had been to a religious get together, where I found a South Indian Chat. Well, being a South Indian, it was as horrible like life time imprisonment for me. It felt insult of our most prestigious ‘Idli’ Ji :)! It made with ingredients which would only suit in “Pani Puri” or “Bhel Puri”.

How would one feel if Paani Puri served with Sambar instead of Pani (water) in it???

Funny? Odd? Right?

The same reaction was mine, when I tasted Idli without its habitual taste. I believe that some stuffs would definitely taste good with senseful creativity. But that must have its traditional taste.

Traditional taste is the base thing on which we could experiment our creativity. But we should not destroy the quality of the base dish for which it is know for. Some of the dishes might have spiritual value too. So changing/mixing the taste, would not appreciate by strict followers of the religion.

Well, I am not against being creative anyway. But the originality is what we should give more respect. That’s the value we live through from years and it must not be ruined.

I have seen many food cards (menus) of restaurant, where they serve customized food. In more polished words, I would say combination of one tradition’s food with others. We could name like Schezwan Idli, Schezwan Dosa, Idli Chat, etc.

I like some of the combination from above mentioned dishes. But the thing is to say that creativity is not to change something completely. But to maintain the base thing and add-on to it to make it more popular/valuable.

We should have #ethics to maintain the actual #taste and #feel of the #food, of the #tradition. Click To Tweet

It is all personal interest of everyone and I am not forcing anyone. But if our ancestors have made some norms in name of tradition that must have something positive. One must at least think on it before changing it. They maybe not right according to us, but definitely that does not mean, they are wrong!

I wish if by reading this article at least some respect would return to our honorable Mr. IDLI.

What do you think?

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