10 Amazing Innovations Those Are Straight Out Of Science Fiction

Innovation Heat Ray Denial Systems

The world has come far in terms of the innovations it has made from scratch and some of them cannot help but remind us of replicas we had only seen in science fiction movies. Here is a list of exciting innovations that are inspired from science fictions.

3D Printer

Innovation 3D Printer

This innovation is influenced by the Star Trek series and can print real life jewelries, food and even body parts such as replacement skulls. They are usually put to use to procure spare parts for devices.

Hover Bike

Innovation Hover Bike

Influenced from Speeder bikes as shown in the Star Trek series, hover bikes are a new 2017 launch and are living competitors in the dust with their unnatural speed.

Heads up Display Prototype

Innovation Heads up Display Prototype

This innovation means that they are generators of air touch display and does not require voice activation or any physical operation on the keyboard for putting inputs.

In-Ear Headphone

Innovation In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are influenced by science fiction movies and invite into the ears of the listener a much clearer and electronic ocean of pristine and uninterrupted music which allows you to kick back and relax by yourself.

Lunar Capsule

Innovation Lunar Capsules

Who knew that man would one day be able to travel to the moon and back; literally? Advancement of technology has enabled man to device crew capsules which contain astronauts travelling to the moon for expeditions.

Electric Submarine

Innovation Electric Submarines

Submarines as they are available now were first only spoken of in science fiction movies. There have been startling innovations in submarines wherein they now have dining areas, and other havens of luxury.

Heat Ray Denial System

Innovation Heat Ray Denial Systems

Heat Rays are inspired by science fictions and is generally used by the military to disperse crowds that have become difficult for authorities to handle. They have really unpleasant effects and are therefore, favorites of the lethal military systems.

Assault Suite

Innovation Assault Suites

These are battle suits that the American army is now putting to use and they have the ability to ward off any number of bullets that come towards them. These battle suits are inspired from the Iron Man movie series.

Robot Maid

Innovation Robot Maids

Most science fiction movies show the varying uses of a robot and therefore, Korean scientists have come up with fast acting robot maids that aid in the household and official works of any kind.

Video Call

Innovation Video Calls

What was only an innovative imagination of the science fiction writers during the 1960’s is now a regular and common reality. Innovations in technology have enabled people to be able to see their loved ones with the touch of a few buttons on cellphones.

Rethink What Science Can Do

Hence, you now have the option to realize your fascinating science fiction dreams straight from childhood and operate and enjoy these live versions of sci-fi innovations now.

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