3 Pickup Lines And 6 Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Woo On The First Date

Lady with Blanket

It can be tough to impress someone on a date and hence, at times everyone needs a little help. A wrong move, a wrong word or even the wrong attitude can ruin the entire thing for you.

Don’t Use Double Meaning Lines

Double Meaning

Lines like ‘I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me instead?’ can give her a wrong signal and may end your date even before it has started! So make it a point to stay away from such cheesy lines.

Don’t Tell Her You Are Checking Her Out

Starring Person

Try not to use lines like, it’s great that you have a library card because you are checking her out.

Don’t Ask Her to Make You a Blanket

Lady with Blanket

You should never tell the girl that she looks cold and she could use you as a blanket. There are various ways in which you can complement her, this is not one of them!

Don’t Crack Your Knuckles Constantly

Crack Knuckles

Along with pickup lines weird habits can cause trouble too in your first date! Cracking knuckles can make a very irritating sound when you are out on a date with someone for the very first time.

Never Try Picking Your Body

Nose Picking

Well this one can seem to be filthy for the other person.

Stop Apologizing Always


Always apologising to someone is a very annoying habit and can become tiresome after a point.

Interrupting Someone Is Rude

Stop Interrupting

Interrupting someone is coarse and there is no polite way of doing it. So this is a habit you should get rid of completely.

Swearing Is Also Considered To Be Rude

It is a habit that you should have ideally avoided on the very first date. Swearing a little is considered to be fine in life but not on your first date with a person.

Looking At The Phone Diverts Attention

Phone Distraction

Watching the phone and fidgeting constantly can make it seem like you are uninterested in the other person. It can send out pretty bad signals.

Most of these bad habits should be avoided to make a good and lasting first impression on the other person on a first date. It is better to remember that a lasting impression made on the very first date goes a long way for great results in the future. Hence, it is essential to make the most out of the situation.

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